kidSTAT™ contains:

  • 93 items

  • Doctor-written, step-by-step instructions

  • Full-sized items, latex & BPA free

  • Hospital-grade products

  • Red flags to go to the ER

  • Emergency contact/Pediatric CPR card

kidSTAT™ is targeted for active toddlers and kids. This kit is equipped with hospital-grade products to treat the most common childhood emergencies: aches+sprainsbites+burns, and cuts+scrapeskidSTAT™ has easy-to-follow, first-aid instructions to reassure you when your child is in distress. Together with "red flags" warnings on when to seek medical attention, this comprehensive kit was designed by moms, who happen to be ER doctors, too.

aches+sprains -for strains and sprains

bites+burns -for minor burns and stings

cuts + scrapes - for minor wounds