TIP TUESDAY: Car seat safety


TIP TUESDAY: Chances are you have at least one car seat in your vehicle, if not two. But is your child properly and safely strapped in? The number one leading cause of death in children four years and older is motor vehicle accidents. Child safety seats reduce this risk of fatal injury in infants and children by up to 71%, when compared with a seat belt alone. To avoid the most common errors, review the following safety tips. 👶🏻👦🏻🚘 

5 Tips for Car Seat Safety Installation:

1. Confirm that the car seat base is securely tightened. There should be no wiggle room. This is the number one mistake made by parents. 

2. Angle the car seat as directed by the manufacturer, to prevent your child’s head from flopping forward.

3. Ensure that there is adequate spacing between the car seat and vehicle front seat. 

4. Check the harness straps to ensure that they go through the height-appropriate harness slot (at the shoulder level). 5. Place the harness clip at the level of your child’s armpits (not stomach or neck), so that it overlies the breastbone.

As our kids grow, it is equally important to place them in the appropriate car seat for their height and weight. The latest height & weight guidelines according to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration can be found at

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