babySTAT™ contains:

  • 41 items

  • Doctor-written, step-by-step instructions

  • Full-sized items, latex & BPA free

  • Hospital-grade products

  • Red flags to go to the ER

  • Emergency contact/Pediatric CPR card

  • Fever medication dosage chart

babySTAT™ is designed with your baby's first year in mind. Organized into symptom-based categories: ouchycranky, and yucky, this hospital-grade kit prepares you for all of the most common baby disasters. With easy-to-follow instructions and "red flags" for when to seek medical attention, babySTAT™ contains everything you need to stay calm and sane in the first year.

ouchy: for rashes and fever

cranky: for gas, teething, and tiredness

yucky: for congestion and cleanliness

"A HUGE thank-you to 3MD for finally making hospital-grade materials available for our children."

Dr. Michael W.
Father of 4, Prof of Emergency Medicine
The Ohio State University College of Medicine,
Author of Bouncebacks! Pediatrics